It can seem easy to commit to a spiritual, enlightened, universally inspired path. New Age is becoming more main stream, philosophy is becoming part of our language and many practices are now society standards.

It’s easy in fact to get lost in yoga classes, self-help books, angel cards, crystals and meditation apps. Adjusting your way of eating, and maybe even dressing, are all easy options too. Intention setting, retreat visiting and juice cleanses…….all good stuff. But does that make it a life of enlightened living?


All these things and so many more are beautiful tools and ways of connecting to like minds and tribes. They are tools of escape, health, education and in most cases joy. But they are just that…..beautiful tools.

Ask any artist or builder of wonderful things and they’ll tell you: the tools are important, vital even, but the tools are just what helps the work evolve and take form. The tools are not the work itself.

The truth is the work is what will allow any of us to become more conscious, enlightened, aligned and actualised – not the tools.

It’s the painstaking work we do to master concepts, integrate ideas, change our thoughts and adjust our behaviours that will lead us to peace and prosperity.

It is the work we do to connect with ourselves and others through the eyes of our higher selves. The work we do to spread our knowing’s of perfect order, acceptance, love and grace to those around us. The work we do to hold space for others so that they can unfold, learn and heal in their own way and pace. The work we do to practise detachment, leave judgement behind and replace it with compassion and forgiveness that will lead us to create a tribe that will boast true power.

And ultimately it is the work we do to learn the lessons; over and over again. To be open to, even embracing of, all that challenges us so that it can change us. This is the work. The often hard, painful, repetitive work of a soul that is bursting to lead. The soul that is wanting to emerge and enjoy the human experience in the most beautiful and healing way possible.

The quotes, books, groups, classes, courses and retreats are the tools through which we can remember truth, gather support and celebrate our connectedness. But they are only tools.

Committing to the path of universal truth and love is anything but easy, sheading layers, healing and growth is continual, consistent and hard! But the kickback is undeniable. The freedom, the bliss, the joy the wisdom, the connection gained from committing to the work is priceless and so worth it.

Stay true to the path of your soul, enjoy the tools, but know that this is not a competition, no one is ‘doing this’ better than anyone else. We all have something to offer, something to learn, something to release. We all require support, understanding and space to continually shed our layers and emerge anew over and over again.

It may not be easy, glamorous or insta worthy…..but just like you, it’s always hauntingly beautiful.

Love and Light


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