New Year….New Approach?

The beginning of any calendar year seems to call people back to themselves in a way like no other. All around people are making resolutions and setting goals. Any form of reflection and commitment to ourselves is so beautiful. It’s inspiring to watch others come home to the part of themselves that yearns for more and bravely project that vision to the outside world.

This external, yang like approach, to life has its place – but it has never really been my New Year’s home.

The New Year for me is about realigning my relationship with my intentions. For it is this relationship that is the most precious and the most powerful one in my life.

Intentions, unlike goals and resolutions, are statements and sentiments that reflect my inner approach to my outside world. Rather than committing to results or tangible evidence of achievements, intentions begin with the reason for it.

My intentions may, and often are, inspired by and begin with what it is I would like to manifest. My desires and dreams are such an important, valued and valid part of my being – but not as important, valued or as valid as the feeling I will experience upon realising them. I may desire, for example, a beautiful, romantic and reciprocal connection with a partner. But what I hope to feel as a result of this manifestation is love, happiness and support. My intention therefor becomes so clear:

I intend to give and receive love

I intend to contribute and absorb happiness

I intend to provide and experience support

When these intentions are clear to me and stating them makes me feel excited, free and expectant, I know then that my only job is to reach within.

The work then becomes an internal process of consciously observing and then actively removing the blocks that may prevent me from living firmly in my intentions of, in this scenario, love happiness and support.

The way I approach this always varies according to the block and the reason for it; but one constant approach is the process of hand holding! In whatever form (healing, guidance, mentoring, meditation….to name a few), another’s hand to hold whilst I uncover, process and clear the blocks is vital in my success of and accountability to staying committed and aligned with my intention.

This process of internal work allows me to distance myself from the attachment I may hold to the outcome (what it looks like, how it will happen, the timing, etc.) and places me in the grounded space of receptivity to manifesting in ways far greater than even my own imagination could conjure up. It signals that the outcome, in its greatest form, is guaranteed and taken care of.

Intentions become a baseline for decision making, approaches to conversations and your perceptions on what is unfolding around you in the outside world. They draw you back into truth and most importantly alignment. When you are aligned with your desires, deeply within your essence, the outcome is inevitable. No more chasing, straining or even trying. Just a sweet surrender to your own truth, your path of joy and experience of a life that you truly cherish.

Mentoring is available in many forms so seek it. And yes – I can absolutely help you too!! If you’re ready to dive in and shift out of the exhaustion of goals and resolutions. Ready to truly drop in to the power of making your intentions the driver and the accountability clause to experiencing your desires then contact me for mentoring packages!

Love, light and happiness for 2019!


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