Meditation Master Course


Intuitive Coaching




I am known for my direct and accurate guidance; however, you are ultimately the master of your own path and responsible for the decisions and actions you make and take, and how they then shape your life experiences. You have free will, and how you choose to exercise it will always affect the way your journey unfolds. My care and integrity are guaranteed, and though guidance is a beautiful way for you to see your experiences in a new light, I am not responsible for the choices you make based on the information you receive.


If you do not receive your reading within the time frame noted at the time of booking, please contact me directly as it is likely a technical issue. If I feel you are becoming dependant on readings and quick questions, I will lovingly suggest a waiting period between appointments, usually 2 months between quick questions and 4 months between full readings. This is a guide, but by no means absolute. I hold the right to refuse readings if that is what I am guided to do.


By booking any service with me you are agreeing to these terms and conditions.