I first met Kirsten back in February 2015 and have been seeing her for guidance and healing on a regular basis ever since. She is literally my most trusted advisor, and the first person I refer my family and friends to.
She has coached me through massive personal challenges, taught me how to live an authentic spiritually aligned life, and helped me to realise my own divine gifts. I would not have realised or acted upon my passion for yoga and writing without her guidance and loving support.
Kirsten is not a pump-you-up life coach. She is an honest and grounded teacher with an amazing intuitive gift. Her insights are always spot on, and her healing abilities are incredibly powerful.
Working with Kirsten has truly healed my life and I am a more hopeful and optimistic person knowing I have her in my corner.
They say when the student is ready the teacher will appear. I am so grateful Kirsten appeared to me, and excited for you if you are reading this, because she has appeared to you also.
~ Erin ~