We are here to walk in loving kindness with each one another, through the obstacles, challenges, grace and glory of this human life, helping one another to remember our true, loving nature and releasing imagined inadequacies.


The word Amala means pure light – and it is through this light that the real work of connection, guidance and healing is done. Knowing we are never alone we share this light as one.


I believe we all deserve to be held in loving compassion, always, but especially as

we unravel, untangle, shed skin, surrender and rise again. Returning to our truth is

not always an easy path, but it is a profoundly beautiful one.


I believe deeply that we heal the world by first healing ourselves. Each person that I work with is an individual navigating their own unique path, imbued with its own divine challenges and blessed gifts. I act as a conduit for sacred Spirit guidance. I channel in pure trust, love and light, surrendering completely so that truth may flow through me and deliver the perfect guidance for you in that moment. Guidance is usually direct, often confronting, and yet always healing.


I work with people who are ready to open themselves to the infinite wisdom and transformative power of Spirit energy. I will lovingly guide any person who is ready to peel back layers of untruth and heal old wounds so that they may embody their true, loving nature, realise the potency of their inherent gifts, expand their capacity to enjoy ease and abundance, and ultimately be in service to others.


I offer psychic readings, energetic healing, personalised guided meditations and past life regressions. All of these services are available both in person and online. The information I receive during a recorded reading comes through exactly as if you were present; the knowing of Spirit transcending our human understanding of time.


There are no questions too large or small, profound or superficial. You will always receive the information you most need at that time, specific to your present challenges and life experiences.


My hope for you is that you realise your value is unchanging, your gifts are inherent,

your capacity to give and receive love is unbounded, and your power and potential is



I pray that life opens its arms to you as you open to the depths of yourself, that you are touched by the wisdom of the angels and guides who sit by you always, that you are humbled by the profound love of this abundant universe, and that you realise you are absolutely and completely held; never alone on this journey back to love, connection, service and grace.  


Love and Light

Kirsten ~x~




I am known for my direct and accurate guidance; however, you are ultimately the master of your own path and responsible for the decisions and actions you make and take, and how they then shape your life experiences. You have free will, and how you choose to exercise it will always affect the way your journey unfolds. My care and integrity are guaranteed, and though guidance is a beautiful way for you to see your experiences in a new light, I am not responsible for the choices you make based on the information you receive.


If you do not receive your reading within the time frame noted at the time of booking, please contact me directly as it is likely a technical issue. If I feel you are becoming dependant on readings and quick questions, I will lovingly suggest a waiting period between appointments, usually 2 months between quick questions and 4 months between full readings. This is a guide, but by no means absolute. I hold the right to refuse readings if that is what I am guided to do.

All appointments books for online must be paid in full 24 hours prior to appointment time via the payment link sent by Kirsten. Falure to pay 24 hours prior to appointment time will result in your appointment being cancelled. For all in person appointments, payment is made at the appointment via card or cash. All cancelations require 24 hour notice. Cancelled appointments within 24 hours prior to your appointment time require payment in full, as do no shows to appointments. 


By booking any service with me you are agreeing to these terms and conditions.